Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Where the Boats Stay and the Bristolians Live their Days...

The Bristol harbourside. Even as a born and bred Bristolian, I still find myself gravitating towards the familiar sights of the homely canal boats and the gentle sounds of fellow Bristolians pitter pattering, going about their daily business. I am still caught in moments of awe on a crisp, sunny, hazy morning when the river twinkles as if to stay hello, and the sky is of the most dreamy blue, that I feel I could be swept up into it.
I have taken many a fellow student from the comfort of the univeristy bubble down  to the harbourside to share with them the delights of my home. Every time, it still astounds me how little people know about, what I believe to be the most beautiful and un-ruined part of Bristol. For this reason I am going to self-indulge and share with you all, the gems of Bristol Harobourside...
Bristol Harbourside
1. The Arnolfini
All sorts goes on down here, art, theatre, films and it also houses an extensive book and magazine collection. Keep an eye on the website for details of events and exhibitions.
2. The Watershed
I have already given the Watershed a heads up in a previous post but it is worth mentioning again. Truly, it is the best place to watch a film. As much as it is a place to go to with a group of people, there is something fairly satisfying about popping along to one of their midday sunday screenings and watching a film in your own company for an afternoon.
3. M-Shed
Celebrating the story of Bristol, from the glitzy heights of Clifton, to the furthest 'burbs. The main part is free of charge but they also do temporary exhibitions. At the moment the exhibition 'Real and Imagined Lives: what is fact, what is fiction?' is showing, featuring a rather solemn looking Stephen Merchant....
4. SS Great Britain
Fun, in a word. This is further down the river and is the home of Brunel's SS Great Britain, as well as the most friendliest people you will ever meet. You can easily make a day of it down there, whether it is pretending to be a captain for the whole day or losing yourself in the fascinating collection documenting the history of this magnificent ship.
The SS Great Britain

5. Weekend Market
It is fairly easy to be distracted by the numerous items on display at this market. I am particularly fond of a book stall run by a man named Keith I got chatting to the other week, who sells boxes upon boxes  of books ranging from Steinbeck to Hemingway, and all at very good prices. I picked up a 1960s vintage John Steinbeck title for a mere £4. A must visit, for the reader who loves their books to have a bit of history indented into the pages.
6. The Ferry Services
If you are a bit stuck for time, the cross ferry service runs daily, taking you briskly over to the other side of the river. There are also specialised boat tours, showing you the best of what Bristol has to offer. There are plenty of leaflets down by the harbour (near the SS Great Britain) with listings of  various trips. A good one to keep in mind when the parents happy when they come to visit.
7. Under the Stars
A cafe/bar that is as beautiful as it sounds. They certainly try to pack in a lot over the week: friday open mic nights, film showings every wednesday and great food and drink too. Marvellous!
8. The Louisianna
Many a successful band has started their days of touring in this small music venue. It is also a great place to catch some local music and mix with some locals.
9. The Apple Cider Bar
You are not an initiated student at Bristol until you have sampled some proper Bristol cider. This is the place to do it.
10. Thekla
After that you can move a little bit down the river to Thekla, the club on a boat, marked with one of Banksy's famous images. It is also another great place to catch some live music. Their webite has all the details you need.
That is just a taste of what this great city has to offer. PLEASE give these places a visit and let the Helicon team know what you think....You can comment on any of these blogs and it would be great to get some feedback from you all about what you think of our posts.

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