Sunday, 11 November 2012

I Saw This And Thought of You... said a post office advert a few years back.  Last week Lucian said something similar to me, something like 'I found a book in a charity shop I think would amuse you.'

Here is what it was:

And 'amuse' me it has.  Beginning with the blurb which quotes Maya Angelou:

'A falling leaf could stir her. / A wilting, dying rose / would make her write, both day and night, / the most rewarding prose. / She'd find a hidden meaning / in every pair of pants / then hurry home to be alone / and write about romance'

I have yet to read much, but the section headings promise a lot.  My favourites being 'The clitoris in my throat' and 'Queens of the Underworld'.
To me it seems like the perfect book for public transport.

Bon Voyage.

R.E. C.  x

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