Thursday, 15 November 2012


Lately I've been thinking- can we view all art forms on a kind of "spectrum"? A range of different expressions of creativity (whether that be visual art, music, poetry, film, or photography), which at certain points, collide. Just as colours progress and evolve from indigo to iris, from auburn to carmine, so too might art forms grow and develop out of, and in to, one another. Poetry was once accompanied by music, and classical art often depicts scenes from literature. However today, with the aid of television, we experience an even more undeniable intertwining: music and film.

Now, we all know music videos can be shit. But they can also be captivating. The story of the song is told in the most imaginative of means, shedding light on a fresh and unexpected interpretation of the song. Paradoxically, the link between sight and sound then holds the possibility of being strengthened, or weakened. We are given not one, but two sensual ingredients to consider, with often a great song being teamed with a terrible video, or vice versa. However, here is one that I personally think works wonderfully-


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