Sunday, 25 November 2012

Arts Week arrives...

Last year, a group of students from the University of Bristol ran the first ever Bristol Arts Week. This year, Bristol Arts Week 2013 aims to take the success of last year's event, and build upon it. The event, which runs from the 4th-9th February at The Parlour Showrooms (located at the bottom of Park Street, opposite College Green) aims to provide a space in which students from both the University of Bristol and UWE can showcase their creative talent:

                                            (one of the works to be featured in the exhibition)

The space will hold a permanent exhibition of student artwork throughout the week, whilst also hosting a variety of events. Such events will include a Helicon live music night, performance poetry, film screenings, networking with local artists, and guest speakers (such as Stephen Cheeke- Senior English Lecturer at UOB) talking on Art from a wide range of perspectives.

                                                        (Student band 'Tidy Street')

Bristol Arts Week 2013 will be accepting submissions up until the beginning of next term (11th January), but we encourage students to get in touch with us before the end of this term to ensure a place. There is no place, no event, at which all the artistic talent which lies unnoticed within the student body can explode into life. This is the main goal of Bristol Arts Week 2013: to provide a platform for creativity, a chance for students to exhibit their talents and plunge into the world of art- if only for a week.

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