Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Variations on a theme

Remixed by Cyril Hahn

And covered by Helicon's favourite Bristol band, Tidy Street

Sunday, 27 January 2013

From The Sea To The Land Beyond

They say that noone in Britain is ever further than 100 miles from the sea. Most people tend to have some sort of affinity with the sea, whether it is nostalgia of ice-creams in Brighton or riding the donkeys in Weston-Super-Mare. With this is mind, it is hard to imagine a person who could not be entranced by Penny Woolcock's film 'From The Sea To The Land Beyond'.
The film consists of precisely 73 minutes of footage unearthed from the depths of the BFI National Archive, starting from the 1900s up to the 2000s, illustrating the story of our coastline and her people. The sequence of images are not distorted by a pestering narrative telling us exactly what it is we should be seeing, instead the profound British band, British Sea Power were chosen to soundtrack the film. The end result is a beautifully honest and pure depiction of not only the history of the the British coast but the history of film too.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Love Saves The Day

Monday, 21 January 2013

A Fondness for Freckles: Marc Laroche

Recall our photography feature in last year's Flawed issue? Portrait photographer, Fritz Liedtke, told us about his work, attempting to show something commonly perceived as a flaw as something beautiful and powerful. His Astra Velum project explores the beauty of human skin. This week I stumbled across Marc Laroche whose Infinity series runs similar veins to Liedtke's work, photographing the faces of freckled women using square format black and white for the entire series. Take a look at his gorgeous work:

Saturday, 19 January 2013


Hope everyone is enjoying the winter wonderland. Here are some natural ice fractals. Enjoy.

Photostream Feature: Cuauhtémoc Suárez

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Words of the week #5


I can imagine, in some otherworld
Primeval-dumb, far back
In that most awful stillness, that only gasped and hummed,
Humming-birds raced down the avenues.
Before anything had a soul,
While life was a heave of Matter, half inanimate,
This little bit chipped off in brilliance
And went whizzing through the slow, vast, succulent stems.
I believe there were no flowers, then,
In the world where the humming-bird flashed ahead of creation.
I believe he pierced the slow vegetable veins with his long beak.
Probably he was big
As mosses, and little lizards, they say were once big.
Probably he was a jabbing, terrifying monster.
We look at him through the wrong end of the long telescope of Time,
Luckily for us.

by D.H. Lawrence