Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Great Art in Ugly Rooms

I recently discovered this inexplicable, yet thoroughly entertaining tumblr site called 'Great Art in Ugly Rooms' - http://greatartinuglyrooms.tumblr.com. You can suggest an artist and a location and voila, the mocked-up picture (of the picture) will appear. I think this concept is absolutely fascinating, challenging the way we think about viewing environments, and considering whether the 'surroundings' that frame (haha, what a pun) a painting impact negatively or positively on our reception of it. Would the Mona Lisa be so revered and acclaimed if it hung in a Bristol squat? Would a 'Picasso' lose any of its charm when displayed in a port-a-loo. Here's a few examples of amazing art and installations transposed into 'ugly' environments. Are they the better for this transplantation? You decide.

Ps. Note the amazing photoshop skills!

Jeff Koons in a kitchen.

Henri Matisse in a men's toilet. 
Lucian Freud in an empty room.

George Bellows in a living room.

Normal Rockwell in a conference room.

Richard Prince in a hospital cubicle. 

Alberto Giacometti in a cabin.

(My all-time favourite photographer) Nan Goldin in a lovely green room. 
Edouard Manet by a jacuzzi. 
Mark Rothko in a pretty pink bedroom. 
Grant Wood in a mirrored room.
Our very own Banksy in a purple bedroom.

Vincent Van Gogh in a playbarn.
Lastly, my personal favourite, Damien Hirst's formaldehyde sheep in a child's nursery.

Also, check out the twin site, 'Great Video in Ugly Rooms' - http://greatvideoinuglyrooms.tumblr.com


Saturday, 8 June 2013

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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Ben Weiner: Paintings of paint.

I just discovered this New York based artist, Ben Weiner, who (paradoxically, and confusingly) paints paintings of paint. They are beautiful, intricate, colourful and complex, and actually look like oozing, wet paint! Take a look.