Sunday, 31 October 2010

Short Stories Ahoy!

So, you have way too much work to do and no time to do it, so where are you going to get the time to write a short story of at least 4 pages? Well, perhaps if you had the added incentive of being picked by an online publishing house the time could come!  Shortlist press are looking for short stories to publish online so here's your chance to get writerly recognition.  Of course, we'll be happy to support you and give feedback on any prose you decide to write to go on the website have a look and start writing!

No pumpkin left behind

All Hallows’ Eve greetings to you all. I hope you are suitably hungover after a night in Syndicate rubbing up against various witches, zombies and token cross-dressers who may or may not be your mates. Now, in these times when the hard-strapped student is feeling the pinch even more (with the prospect of leaving university with a shiny degree, a shed-load of debt and... no job offers) we must be extremely prudent about what we throw away – wastage is not an option! So, provided it was not used as a sick bucket by a worse-for-wear flatmate last night, here are a couple of recipes to make the most of your pumpkin even after the candle has gone out. From pumpkin curry to pumpkin waffles... what a multitalented fruit.

Pointy-black-witch-hats off to Sophie Harries, the skilful carver of the pumpkin shown above.


Saturday, 30 October 2010

CONTROVERSIAL: Sex in Hostel Dorms

I originally wrote this article for the travel section of Epigram, but the Man (or the Union, at least) have declared it unsuitable and won't publish it! So, I'm putting it on here instead. Viva la revolution!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Celia Celia Celia Shits!

Literature has, throughout the past, had a tendency to portray women as untouchable sylphs, otherworldy beings that radiate perfection; they, unlike men, are certainly not subject to the misfortune of bodily functions. While this obviously isn't the case, women still do a good job of disguising this fact (one that Swift put so eloquently!) The Lady's Dressing Room represents the ultimate unveiling of this truth; men, if you're squeamish, look away now!

No Such Thing

Nosaj Thing Visual Show Compilation Test Shoot from Adam Guzman on Vimeo.

Nosaj Thing - pronounced "no such thing" in a strong California accent - is the latest in the slew of uber-talented LA producers now taking their work around the world right now. Just ahead of his home boy Flying Lotus (who played Trinity Centre last night), Nosaj Thing dropped in to play an exemplary set at Metropolis last week. His current show, a two year project in collaboration with visual artist Julia Tsao, is a highly innovative light display projected around him. Unfortunately nowhere in Bristol actually had a screen big enough to deal with said light show, resulting in a hastily adapted wallpaper and duct tape drape and a very unhappy Jason Chung. Despite the technical difficulties he certainly showed Bristol how art and music should be done... together.

Check out Julia Tsao's other work as well, even if just to listen to Holy Fuck with flashing lights, because that's always fun.

Full interview / article appearing in Epigram soon.

Holy F*ck LED Array Live in NY from Aaron Sjogren on Vimeo.


Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Want to make video art?

With smartphones you can now make great stuff from a lot less.  The bizarre short film 'Dragonly Love' will testify to this...

Here's the making of video:

Making of Dragonfly Love from The Dragonfly Love Project on Vimeo.

And the finished version:

Dragonfly Love - The Film from The Dragonfly Love Project on Vimeo.

It's obviously a product push but it does show what can be done with just a camera-phone now.


Monday, 25 October 2010

Who cares about chairs?

Chairs are defined as 'a stable, raised surface used to sit on, commonly for use by one person'.  Sounds pretty boring.  Well being a pretty sad person I actually find them really interesting.  If you've nearly fallen off your chair hearing that then I wouldn't bother reading on.

Chairs seem to embody everything that is right with design.  They fulfill a purpose, they are defined by shape and there are certain remits you have to work by designing one.  The Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich has a great range.  Now I know you're probably not on the edge of your seat with excitement from what you have read up to this point so I won't waste anymore of your time...

Here's the best of the Pinakothek's collection:

The Flag Halyard

Sunday, 24 October 2010

MEET: Lola Dupré, a Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes

Don't baulk at her outlandish exterior, it's rude. Well it might be if this were her; in fact Lola Dupré - or Wasted Lola, as she goes by on her blog - describes herself as a "bearded recluse" who spends most of her time hanging out in the Scottish Highlands, cutting up faces and sticking them back together with PVA glue. But that doesn't really paint a better picture of her (excuse the pun). No, Lola isn't some kind of Scottish Quasimodo, but a talented and enigmatic artist. Her work presents a kaleidscopic vision of the human face, bent and warped, haunting yet strangely arresting. I tracked down Lola for a chat that quickly turned from matters of art to her "glue" addiction, crazed paedophiles, and why she's not into voodoo photomontage...

For the Hungry Art Lover

Time to get truly creative in the kitchen! 

Amazing food art contains so much inspiration that below are just some of its gems... 

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Poem of the Week: 'Little Motors' by Daniel Hevier

Little Motors
Daniel Hevier [translated from the Slovak by John Minahane]

All day I walk the streets and do nothing
except grow old. I watch
the children present their fiery performances.
I am scared of the splendid flywheels
winding at the hub,
their bodies full
of strings and magnets.
They smell of cinammon and sand.
They stand in the rain conversing
with my shoes, while I
stand over them like an ancient palm
that no longer remembers anything.
All day I walk the streets and feel
their gazes photographing me.
Who knows how I look
In those snapshots:
most probably like a weary bear
observing their bodies
full of pumps and alarm clocks.
The rounded geomtery of their little butts
takes my breath away.
They walk behind me and amuse themselves
treading on the shadow of my head.
Orange juice drips off their bellies.
And the globe goes on turning,
driven by those
little motors.


Friday, 22 October 2010

Russell & Ryan Oliver: Dark yet intelligent experimental painting and collages


Two artists making a name for themselves in Bristol and with a featured interview in the current edition of Crack Magazine are the identical twins Russell and Ryan Oliver. Influenced by death, gang culture and over-sexed advertising, their work explores the sexual language of fashion and sex within corporate advertising. If you're a fan of the gore and grimness of the Chapman Brothers  or the American visual artist Christian Marclay, who creates similar collages out of record sleeves you'll absolutely love the moody suggestive artwork of the Oliver twins. Visit their websites and grab a copy of Crack magazine (can be found in Uncle Sams on Park Street and other independant shops about) to read their compelling and inspirational interview.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Only 3 Days Left to Send in Your 'Disguise' Submissions!

As you probably know by now 'Disguise' is this term's theme, so send your art/ photography/ poetry/ prose/ features to And take a leaf out of my housemate's book and be as inventive as you like! Disguise... Disk Eyes?! Genius.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Wyndham Lewis: Original Master of Disguise

Mr. Wyndham Lewis as a Tyro,
1920-1, Wyndham Lewis.
"The flourishing and bombastic role that you may sometimes see me in, that is an effect... rather than what I am (in any sense) myself. Or, to make myself clearer, it is my opposite"
Forgive me if you're a fellow third year seeking some academic respite, but thinking about my dissertation has been dominating both my thoughts and to-do list for the last few weeks (Historical Studies disclaimer: I spent a "large portion" of my summer researching it in suitably erudite and exotic academic locations). The following few sentences are thus extracted from the tangle currently writhing around my head, and in hindsight may account for some kind of subconscious explanation as to why 'Disguise' seemed like such a bloody good theme for this term's magazine.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Le Misanthrope: Bristol Old Vic

The Old Vic is finally up and running and has come back with this updated version of Moliere's most famous play: The Misanthrope.  This version, translated in 1973 by Tony Harrison, has been updated so that Moliere's play of 17th century play of manners includes i-phones, e-mails and various references to the current French president Sarkozy!

SEE: 'Blind by Stardom'

And I quote:

"‘Blind By Stardom’ opening at the StolenSpace Gallery on the 7th October will showcase new works by artist Word To Mother. This much anticipated solo show, his fourth at StolenSpace, will feature paintings in mixed media on wood, mixed media assemblage and installation pieces. This show will also see the release of a limited edition zine with hand screen printed cover."

Monday, 18 October 2010

Bored? Then this'll brighten up your day...


Tricks and Treats at Bristol's Festival of Lunacy

"We invite you to step behind the looking glass, and into the rabbit warren of the mind. Come and cavort in our dreamscapes and frolic in our fantasies with a programme of performance, cabaret, burlesque, live music, DJs, visuals, and silent film"


Sunday, 17 October 2010

‘Yep, those are my boobs!’

Life Drawing with ArtSoc

‘Yep, those are my boobs!’ our model chirrups as she points over to my sketch. She proudly parades the art room eyeing up the fruits of her labour, a jumper dress pulled lazily over her previously exposed figure. ‘Do you mind if I take a picture of those?’ she whips out her phone, ‘I’m trying to prove to my friends that I actually do this’. I ask her if she finds it intimidating, subjecting her naked body to the eyes of 20 or more students scrupulously tracing her every line and curve. She answers unflinchingly, ‘No. I’m a pro’.

And Speaking of Poetry...

The English Society (Falstaff) are hosting a poetry reading this Thursday at 6.30pm in the very cosy White Bear pub. Open to all - whether you're an English student or not. Find out more here.


Saturday, 16 October 2010

Poem of the Week: 'The Phone-Fox' by Christopher Reid

'The Phone-Fox'
Christopher Reid

We were talking about Ted Hughes,
          when the corner of my eye
twitched to the fact of a fox
         on the flat, tar-papered roof
of the chapel-of-rest next door.
         What a moment to choose!
I watched it as it spelt itself out
        from shadows of the far-side garden
into clear sunlight,
        at which point I gave a shout
which must have sounded crazy.
        Then it trotted about,
inspecting different views.
        And then it did a quick jig
once around itself,
        lay down, extended its forepaws
And cocked its muzzle for a big,
       tasty, air-licking yawn.
Unbiddable, unbidden,
        this was a genuine fox
Of the Inner London variety,
        now enjoying its own society
on top of the squat brick box
        where they bring the newly dead.
Accident or sign,
       I was sorry nothing I said
could make it real for you
        at your end of the line.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Andy Rouse - Inspirational Wildlife Photography

Andy Rouse 2009
In our current, heavily enthusiast-weighted, 'arty' photographic society, it is increasingly easy to let slip from our minds the work of those more traditional photographers. By 'traditional' - and I may indeed be guilty of inappropriate use of the word - I mean the kind that travel to the far corners of the earth and spend weeks trekking through testing conditions just to get a shot. Andy Rouse has seen some incredible things; more importantly, he's also turned them into incredible photographs. His work needs little further introduction, but I think he sets a great aspirational target in the volume of fantastic images he's produced, and budding photographers of any genre should take a look for some inspiring stuff.


Helicon's Haik-Who? Competition

Attention all competitive spirits and procrastinators! Helicon proudly presents this term's exciting competition opportunity: Haik-Who? (If Shakespeare loved the pun, so do we).

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Trans-species Fancy Dress

To celebrate our new theme, DISGUISE, I went for the obvious: animals disguised as other animals. Genius.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Our new theme: DISGUISE

Attention all: as broadcast by the shiny poster above (created with the help of our surprisingly willing art editor Isaac) the theme for this term's issue is DISGUISE. Our hungry new editorial team is desperate to devour your art, photography, poetry, prose and features submissions, which can fulfill the theme as loosely or literally as you like. Light-hearted, serious or just plain ridiculous, please email them to before the deadline of October 24th where they'll all be happily recieved and provided with full feedback.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Welcome to a new year of...

Helicon has been around for over ten years, yet not everyone knows exactly who we are or what we're about. So, for all the Fresher's joining us at Bristol Uni as well other newcomers who, by one means or another, have stumbled across us: here's a quick low-down of what goes down at Helicon Headquarters.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

MEET: Marcel Veldman

Marcel Veldman is a skateboarder and photographer based in Rotterdam; he's been skating for 22 years but insists he only got into photography through a "detour": "basically, there were no good skate photographers in Holland taking photos of me and my friends". So he took matters into his own hands and started shooting his own photos. Travelling the world, capturing life on and off the board, Marcel has developed a vast portfolio, a living documentary of his and his friends' lives. Ten years on, he's earned his name as one of the most renowned photographers in the skate industry, and is the man behind Fluff, the Netherlands' leading skate magazine. I sat down with Marcel and, like the welcome guest entrusted with the family photo album, was given a guided tour of his life through the lens...