Sunday, 13 November 2011

Think Local

After spending time thinking about the idea of home and how it is we perceive and construct it, I was very interested to discover that one of the upcoming exhibitions at the Peoples' Republic of Stokes Croft New Gallery explores this very idea.

The exhibition 'Think Local: Portraits of People Around Here' displays portraits from the Stokes Croft Museum archive of various people who have built their homes here in Bristol. The exhibition creates an illustration of sorts of the Bristol community and the way the community has collectively constructed a sense of home and of comfort for itself. The direction to 'think local' makes us think about the precise impact that a sense of place and environment has on the way we build ideas about home.

The exhibition opens this Thursday at 7pm at the Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft New Gallery on Jamaica Street. There will also be a second opening on Friday the 18th, also at 7pm and the exhibition will run until the 30th of November.


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