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Hello all,

For those of you who haven't sent us work before, we are not just a blog, we are also the University of Bristol's Creative Arts Magazine. We publish a printed magazine each term, the content of which consists solely of our readers' submissions. (That means you!) To guide you in your creative endeavours, the editorial team selects a theme for each issue, which can be interpreted through various creative pathways - art, photography, poetry, prose, or even a written feature. We like to keep it as open as possible. Even if you don't make it into the magazine,  'the best of the rest' will be published on our blog. 

So, without further ado, I'd like to let everyone know that this term's theme is HOME. As a theme, we believe it has a lot of different aspects to work with, and hopefully with your submissions, we can make it the best edition yet.

In order to have time to print and distribute before the end of term, we have set a deadline for submissions for the last day of November (30/11/11). This gives you the rest of the month to get your teeth into the new theme and get creative.

Think of the word HOME and whatever it inspires you to create. We really want to see your interpretation of it, and most importantly, have fun with it. If you send your submissions into our editorial team, we will have somebody ready and waiting to give friendly and constructive feedback, and hopefully give you the green light to be published in Helicon. Even if you have never submitted before and you are not sure how good you are, we promise our team will give individual feedback and advice.

Just to give you some inspiration, we've been brainstorming about what home means to us.


physical, constructed environment
safety and warmth
spiritual, metaphysical nature
memories of childhood
greater than the sum of its parts
the opposite of university accomodation; well cooked meals, tea and biscuits, clean but cosy.
a shrine to those who inhabit it
a location in time as much as space
a cave, a den, a nest, a burrow
a state of mind
home sweet home
a roof over your head
just where you sleep
are we polyhomeus? Or are you a one home person?
your corner of the earth
what must it feel like to have your home bulldozed over or raided by bailiffs?
a homeland, town, a stadium, an office, a secret place, a moment, or someone.
can it ever be taken from you? if not, why?
'home is where my mum sleeps' said Mr Blogs
'home is where I rest my head' said Mrs Smith

HOME SWEET HOME: What does home mean to YOU?

Get out your pens and paintbrushes, open up your pads of paper and sketchbooks and get creative!

We look forward to seeing you work.

Good luck,
Helicon Team

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