Saturday, 5 November 2011

2012 Posters

Yesterday the series of 12 Olympic and Paralympic posters, designed by leading UK artists including Tracey Emin and Turner prize winning Chris Ofili, was unveiled in London. It is the first time artists have been asked to create the posters since 1972, previously graphic designers and advertising agencies were contracted. 

The images will be displayed in a free exhibition at the Tate Britain next year, held as part of the London 2012 cultural festival. The artists were encouraged to celebrate the Games coming to London and to look at the values of the Olympics and Paralympics.

The posters titles are not as inspiring as the artists’ previous works: Big Ben 2012, by Sarah Morris, Swimming, by Howard Hodgkin, and Superhuman Nude, by Fiona Banner. New events announced include a mass bell-ringing to mark the start of the Olympics on 27 July. There will also be art installations at Stonehenge, Hadrian's Wall and other heritage sites. They join previously announced events including the World Shakespeare Festival where the Royal Shakespeare Company, the National Theatre and Shakespeare's Globe join forces for the first time.

Tracy Emin´s comments about her poster, inspired by a cultural love letter can be viewed at:


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