Friday, 18 November 2011


Helicon has been around for over ten years, yet not everyone knows exactly who we are or what we're about. So, for all those new to Bristol University or those who have stumbled across our page, here's a quick guide to who we are.

Helicon is an online platform and printed magazine brought to you by an editorial team of students from the University of Bristol. Dedicated to showcasing new talent and keeping you up-to-date with local events and exhibitions, we are, in short, all about bringing together Bristol's ever-growing creative community. From its humble beginnings over ten years ago, Helicon has evolved from a photocopied pamphlet put together by a group of English students, into an award-winning publication expanding into ever broader ventures...


Helicon is a termly magazine compiled of student submissions in art, photography, poetry and prose, as well as features put together by the editorial team. Every issue follows a new theme, which we encourage submitters to interpret as wildly and creatively as their imagination will carry them. We want to hear from everyone, and are always keen to see new work and hear your new ideas - yes, yours! All our submissions can be sent to and one of our editorial team will contact you.


This blog, and our Facebook page, make up Helicon as an online platform, each of which are updated daily by the editorial team. Bringing you upcoming events, reviews, interviews and features, the blog encompasses everything from Bristol’s local scene to the creative world at large.


Over the last year or so, Helicon has established itself as a creative society, providing our members with a place to meet other like minded students and share their work. We have also endeavored to expand ourselves as a platform for student talent, leading to regular Helicon open mic nights to which musicians, spoken word poets and stand up comedians are all cordially invited to share their work with others. We're always looking for new performers to grace our stage, email if this applies to you!

Further to our open mic, we provide workshops for members, an evening of fun and creativity that gives you the opportunity to share your work either in a group or one-on-one with our editors and receive critical feedback.

To become a member, go to and sign up. We aren't open exclusively to students - anyone can sign up to our mailing list. Simply email with 'Add to mailing list' as the subject.

We look forward to hearing from you!

With love,


Lydia Greenaway, editor

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Recently I made an unusual gate out of my walnut upright piano. Please see link

    Kind regards
    Benny Tetteh-Lartey