Tuesday, 16 November 2010

WATCH: How to Train Your Dragon

It's been a great year for animated films. Toy Story 3 is widely tipped to be the first ever to take Best Motion Picture at the Oscars, and equally-highly acclaimed alternatives have surfaced outside of the mainstream; such as the brilliant A Town Called Panic from underneath the quirky milk bubbles of those Cravendale adverts. How to Train Your Dragon is neither Pixar nor set to be an indie classic, but it is a lovely fantasy tale rendered in more sensitive computer animation than can usually be found in the celebrity-reliant Dreamworks output. With enough Scandanavian horned helmet and axe antics for the boys and enough strangely comforting cutsey reptillian purring for the girls, it also served as the perfect excuse this evening for three (straight male) third-year students to snuggle in bed for warmth and pretend they were at a year four sleepover.


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