Friday, 19 November 2010

Freedom Fries: Big Mac revolution in Russia

Having been born on the 9th November 1989 (the day the Berlin Wall came down) I've always had a stringent interest in the history surrounding East Germany and the revolutions of 1989 that ultimately led to the collapse of communism. Indeed, my visit to the check-point Charlie museum in Berlin was something of a personal pilgrimage and was fascinating in understanding personal stories of individuals caught up in the web of significances, their psysche and emotions and the bemused sense of self-awareness with which they re-constructed the European community.

Our ancestors have fought hard to maintain the freedoms we enjoy in this country since, well I guess since the English Bill of Rights was passed in 1689, giving unprecedented freedom to people and banning the royals from interfering in Parliament. I'll stop now with turning this into a history blog, so take a couple of minutes to see what it means not to have enjoyed the freedoms we have today- what happens when you put a McDonalds in a capital city that has been constricted by communism and state control without a free market for nearly a century?

Also watch this for an interview with some people who there at the time, described like a 'premiere' by a lady served on the first day:


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