Monday, 22 November 2010

Students! Enjoy the written word once more!

In the dark of night, alone in the house, he awoke.  As he went to the door, a match was lit behind him. . . .

Perhaps not the most original but the short story is indeed an effective genre which seems to be undergoing a significant revival.  I have already sent a little hint of an online publishing house eager to receive new short stories, and now the BBC have their own award dedicated to this written form.

So far so good.  This has not much significance for me, I hear you say.  I am already so overwhelmed by reading that I just cannot plunge myself into new material, you cry.  You are right, but your complaints have been undone by the BBC who has produced a podcast of the 4 short-listed stories.  An audio version which can be relaxed to in the bath, in bed or on your way to and from lectures (as I like to do!).

So allow yourself the pleasure of enjoying new literature and becoming the judge and critic of others work.  More importantly, perhaps, allow yourself to enjoy literature whilst studying, something that, if you are like me, you are rarely allowed to do.  Reading for readings sake!

A rallying cry: Students, enjoy the written word once more! (in an audio version . . .?)


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