Friday, 5 November 2010

Jacques Resch: Dark and thematic surrealist oil paintings

 'Le Pape au raisin'

"A painting by Jacques Resch is not perceived in a single glance. It is peeled back little by little through the thousand subtleties that you discover during this encounter." -- Harry Kampainne

One painter who has caught my eye recently is the French surrealist painter Jacques Resch. Despite bearing a striking similarity to the styles of Gonsalves, Breugal and Dali he seems to occupy some sort of medium between the three.

He's not as plain pleasant as Gonsalves' works, as busy as Breughel's or as zany as Dali's. There may be some sort of trend emerging about the artists that I've blogged so far- the Skin exhibtion at Welcome was at times grotesque and unsightly and Russell and Ryan Oliver's works are sinister and thematic in a similar manner to Resch's who seeks to address 'modern day problems that plague the world, such as pollution, poverty and war.' Indeed, the fashion in which Resch's 'Mort d'anges' subtly comments on the ills and contradictions of modern society can be seen in a more overt way in Ryan Oliver's 'This is SO-SO-SO hyper cool!! YO! It's sexy and it's what theyre wearing'

'Mort d'anges'

The world Resch envisages is far from comfortable viewing, but, despite the slightly overprotective Adult Warning on his site, it is definately worth a browse. I particularly like the African influence on some of his work such as the one above (according to his bio he lives in Africa).


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