Tuesday, 29 October 2013

'Sly' new painter packs a punch! Sylvester Stallone the unlikely artiste.

A new artist has had his first exhibit in Russia this week, and his name might surprise you: Sylvester Stallone. Sound familiar? The ex-Rocky star has hung up his boxing gloves, donned some overalls and grabbed some paint-brushes. The results are pretty interesting. I think this story is fascinating because I think if I didn't know who painted them I'd be able to take the pieces a smidgen more seriously. It's easy to defame them once we know who they're by, but really, they're not much, if any 'worse' than some of the modern art on display at the Tate, or the recent Frieze art fair. Anyway, suspend your judgement, banish your pre-conceptions and have a gander: do they pack a punch? or fall flat on their face (couldn't resist a terrible pun).

The master and his work, just incase you didn't quite believe me!

Okay, Stallone may be no Andy Warhol, but he's giving it a go. Maybe there are more 'Sly' artists out there than we can possibly imagine (sorry, punning again!).


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