Friday, 8 October 2010

Welcome to a new year of...

Helicon has been around for over ten years, yet not everyone knows exactly who we are or what we're about. So, for all the Fresher's joining us at Bristol Uni as well other newcomers who, by one means or another, have stumbled across us: here's a quick low-down of what goes down at Helicon Headquarters.

Helicon is an online platform and printed magazine brought to you by students from the University of Bristol. Dedicated to showcasing new talent and keeping you up-to-date with local events and exhibitions, we are, in short, all about bringing together Bristol's creative community. From its humble beginnings over ten years ago, Helicon has evolved from a photocopied pamphlet put together by a group of English students, into an award-winning publication expanding into ever broader ventures...

* Helicon Online *

Helicon is first and foremost an online presence, consisting of our blog, Twitter and Facebook page, each of which are updated daily by our editorial team. Bringing you reviews, interviews and features, as well as a miscellany of titbits, our blog encompasses everything from Bristol’s local scene to the creative world at large.

* The Magazine *

Alongside publishing daily content on our blog, we publish a printed magazine each term, the content of which consists solely of our readers' submissions. (That means you!) So to guide you in your creative endeavours, the editorial team choose a theme for each issue. Once decided, we proceed to shout it out at the top of our lungs and encourage you to share your work with us!

* Submitting your work *

We are an unintimidating bunch who always love to hear from you. Our task is to look for what is successful in a piece and provide feedback even if it doesn’t make it into the magazine. We will also happily provide you with all the guidance and editing advice you want. In fact, every submission receives detailed and helpful feedback from our editors.

For the latest theme, submission deadlines and other Helicon news: check our blog, Twitter or Facebook page and keep an eye out for e-mails and posters.

All submissions are sent to

* We want you! *
Remember, Helicon isn't just for students; everyone and anyone is invited to join our ever-expanding Creative Collective. If  you'd like to join our mailing list, send an email to with 'add to mailing list' as the subject.


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