Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Trans-species Fancy Dress

To celebrate our new theme, DISGUISE, I went for the obvious: animals disguised as other animals. Genius.

I mean, you can imagine it now: eight year-old Daddy’s Darling whines, “I want a doggy! Daddy, buy me a doggy!” Fast-forward a few weeks; Doggy descends upon Darling’s doorstep as she pronounces: “NO, I want a pony! Daddy, buy me a pony!” “Whatever you say, dear.” Poor Dog gets taken round back - shears, spray paint, glitter, glue - and a few hours later, this monstrosity rears its bemused head looking like some kind of canine drag queen. And so the weekly upgrades continue according to Darling’s every sadistic whim; “Today I want a snail-dog with flowers blossoming up its backside.”

And why not? Really I’m just jealous. Never allowed a dog, or even a goldfish, I can only dream of being the proud owner of a real-life chicken-dog. I’m just surprised no one thought of creating a cat-dog.


Photos: Ren Netherland


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