Thursday, 21 November 2013

All work and no play: tacking writer's block.

Writer's block is perhaps the greatest barrier to an aspiring writer. Here are some interesting ways to get ideas going and loosen up before settling down to write that Nobel Prize winning novel you haven't quite gotten round to starting yet....

Generates one random word and gives you one minute to write whatever you like about it before submitting. Even just browsing through old posts is useful (and of course a great way to procrastinate further). The huge variety in how different people interpret a single word is, however, very interesting:

Similar to 'One Word' six words asks you to make a story out of just six words of your choice. Again it is interesting to see the power of so few words and might be useful to any aspiring poets out there:

I'm sure you can work this one out by now...

Lily x

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