Friday, 30 March 2012

More home-themed art

Thank you to everyone who came to our Home launch party, it was lovely to see you all and a huge thank you to Kate Kelley, The Cavemen and our own Alasdair Copland for their performances on the night. We thought we'd keep the home-theme rolling whilst you're all enjoying the Easter break and some unseasonal sunshine, so here are a few more pieces of artwork to keep the artistic inspiration flowing...

Tamara- Jade Kaz

Emilie Bergström

Maya Dudok de Wit

Aimee Sawicki

Robin Cowie


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  2. I discovered this site by accident, while searching for art which is inspired by the theme home...
    It is a nice surprise to stumble upon this initiative! I really like that you make a magazine with art of readers and students, I hope this kind an initiative will exist once in Belgium too!

    kindly greetings from a belgian jewel design student