Monday, 12 March 2012

HELICON RADIO 05/03 – 11/03

Below the jump break is a little selection of the Helicon team’s favourite tunes and new discoveries from the last week for your aural delectation. Enjoy. x

Freddie Herbert, Editor in Chief
"Even Rodney King ain't never felt a beat like this."

"You've got to love the intro..."

Subhani Rawat, Editor in Chief

"More than anything else, I really like the lyrics weaved into this song.
Yes, Baths. Yes."

"Speaking of which, this guy is definitely radiating his essence."

Florence Downs, Photography Editor

"Fin by John Talabot - the Spanish producer blurs bass music, Balearic house and electronica into a fantastic electronica album that will undoubtedly be on many a best of 2012 list. Just waiting for sunny days to match. And his FACT mix is insanely good. Otherwise, the obvious choice is the new Burial and Four Tet track, Nova, too beautiful for words as you would expect."

Charlie de Montfort, Photography Editor

"I saw this guy last Wednesday at Lakota. Beautiful melodies."

Nahema Marchal, Promotions and Events Editor

Kate Holmes, Prose Editor

"I love the melody of this, and the cries and echoes give it a strange, ethereal quality. Her church choir background is obvious, but it also has kind of a ritualistic and ancient sound, particularly when the frenzied percussion kicks in. (Also being a classics nerd, I can’t help thinking of Odysseus, struggling to resist the Sirens.)"

"And a little less pretentiously, some indie folk from French duo Herman Dune with great lyrics and a Sesame Street style video. Also includes adorable tiny kids and trumpets."

Alex Berridge, Art Editor
"This always makes me very, very happy."

Lydia Greenaway, Art Editor
"For a magical melody and a puppet show, take a look at Little Dragon – Twice."

"Also keeping me reflective, the enchanting vocals of Soley."

Lucinda Elliott, Features Editor
"Mine is a bit of a chilled one but ever so lovely, I think it was the soundtrack to that Sofia Coppola film 'Somewhere'."

Sam Dahir, Poetry Editor

"Sister Nancy, unknot a natty head."

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