Thursday, 17 February 2011

Uncanny Views from Bristol's nomadic gallery

Those of you who follow the artistic happenings of our fine city may be aware of the roving gallery that goes by the name of Antlers. In its previous incarnation it housed a choice selection of grotesques just off Whiteladies Road. That installation done with, it has relocated to Park Street to present an impressive and varied array of landscapes. 

Last Thursday saw the exhibition open with generous lashings of complementary gin and all round good cheer at the high standard of work on display. This is what curator Jack Gibbon had to say about it:

"The new show, Uncanny Views, came from seeing such challenging examples of landscapes and seascapes in studios across Bristol. Landscapes are often dismissed as just an easy way to cash-in on popular views. This exhibition shows the flip side of the genre. Real and imaginary views are depicted in works that as well as displaying their own inherent beauty and value, challenge us to readdress our relationship with the environment around us."

He's not wrong: it's a great show, and it closes on the 26th. See it before it migrates.


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