Monday, 14 February 2011

ALT . . . young people promoting young artists

So it's been a while, but there is something I've wanted to blog about for a while.
It seems that young artists are desperate to get their work out there but are usually too broke to be able to afford a spot in the huge exhibitions which allow them to showcase their work, enter ALT, a completely new way of conceiving artistic promotion.  Recent graduates Alice and Lucy decided it was time to give everyone a space in which to exhibit and perform.

Firstly, why ALT?

-"We wanted people to have another look at things, to broaden the idea of what art is and what it can be so we came up with ALT, short for alternative as well as being german for stop.  It kind of tries to make you look twice."

What decided you to put together ALT?

-"Well, we know a lot of talented people who have a lot of trouble getting their work out there and it's a shame that many artists feel that they have no way of starting up."
-"This way you get to meet the artists, we even have some of them creating on the spot, painting or drawing so that others can ask about the creative process.  We're trying to make art more interactive, a social event rather than just something to look at, that's why musicians perform whilst others paint and you can wander, have a drink, chat, dance, ask . . . it's a different kind of night out."

Is that why you chose a pub venue?

-"Yea definitely, it also helps to popularise the event, you don't have to be a regular museum goer to come along, you can also just enjoy the music and drinks."

David Russel, an undergraduate in graphic design said:
"It's a great chance to exhibit and quite frankly I love doing this kind of stuff.  Most graphic artists take on jobs in order to save the cash to pay for an exhibit of their own work, but that takes years to be able to do.  This allows me to just jump in."

So what's in store for the future?

-"We're not sure to be honest, it rather depends on how it goes."
-"I mean if we get in enough artists and customers we could even look into trying to make an under-18s event but it's all just ideas for now."

Another event is currently being planned for mid-April in London, so if you're around and fancy spending one evening with culture as well as booze make sure you keep an eye out.


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