Saturday, 4 December 2010

LISTEN TO: Beach Fossils and find yourself transported by urban infused psychadelia

With the trend in current indie bands from Brooklyn and with a name like 'Beach Fossils', as Pitchfork points out, it would be pretty easy to dismiss Beach Fossils as predictable. Probably just another lo-fi, bland band singing about ice-creams and  being in love with banal girls- more image then substance. However, cast all prejudices aside and have a listen to 'Daydream' (whilst reading Sitting and Thinking from the Disguise issue of Helicon) from their self-titled debut album released earlier this year.

Reminiscent of The Cure's catchy pop jangles in their early days and The Jesus and Mary Chain's reverb masked lyrics, Beach Fossils also claim influence from improvisational jazz, classical music, and Stereolab. The repetitive nature of their songs and constricting song structure may lead to some accusations of a lack of strength, but in a similar manner to the enduring poetic drawl of Mark E. Smith's lyrics drifitng through a mesh of hypnotic repetition in The Fall, Payseur's lyrics capture evocative details we might otherwise have missed 'And we fall in the grass/Of an open park/And the sun will break/When our hands hit the tree'.

This is an upbeat, warm, uncommplicated soundtrack for relief and reflection.


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