Saturday, 4 December 2010

HELICON Launch Party: A Flashback

Great party on Tuesday, the new "Disguise" issue has officially been launched! It was impossible to wipe the grin off Tom's face as he caressed and flipped the pages of his precious newborn; could've sworn I saw sparkling driblets hanging off his eyelashes. He was "so delirious".

To all the editors - fantastic work! But extra bless to the chiefs, Emma and Tom, for putting up with our numerous absences at meetings, and for displaying subtle yet skillful diplomacy with regards to our oh-so-brilliant track record at blogging! Credit to Emma's "reminder SMS" for this blog post.

Alms (Lawrence, Noah, Ollie and Jake) popped by Papaji's for a sweet, sweet set. Aired recently on BBC Bristol, Alms skips along the ethereal plane between oddball Brit-Folk and American alternative, all the while channeling acoustic, lo-fi credibility.

My grace and text kiss to everyone involved, x


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