Sunday, 26 September 2010

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The Mash Up of September 26th, 2010

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Branded content: &
Sibling’s new comic knitwear collection pretty neatly promoted

Southern Exhibition:
the London Miles gallery has got two exhibitions opening this September: Visual Splendor and Made in Britain - it’s a gallery well worth taking note of

Very far-western Exhibition:
Ron English is one of the father’s of street art so if that’s your thing and you’re in the big apple then pop along to see how he coined the term POPaganda - or look at the website

Longest ever music video:
Russ Chime’s Midnight Club EP has a video that’s so long it’s in three parts - it’s ok

Happy pictures:
Brian Ferry shows that he is currently one of the masters of understating

Current affairs:
if you’re after some new wall coverings then check this site out for screen printed gig posters

Music maker:
this week’s music maker is focussed on the apparatus - if you’re so pedantic about your earphones that you’d want them moulded to your ear canals then check this website out

Now showing at the Watershed - Best Picture at Sundance this year

A wall of bikes:
If you like bikes and are wondering how you could let passers by know then this is just up your street

The closest thing to Shakespeare:
Horse poetry - pretty weird but if you like model horses this is for you

Christmas present coffee table book:
and I quote "Maripol: Little Red Riding Hood is a collection of her photographs, sketchbooks and other inspirational materials, telling the story of one of the most exciting and fascinating chapters of recent history"

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