Monday, 13 September 2010

Mash Up Mondays...

The Mash Up of September 13th, 2010

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Branded content:
Converse’s coolest thing since plugging Avril Lavine

Northern Exhibition:
the man who brought you sprinter at the Tate

Southern Exhibition:
Jess Flood-Paddock pricks our ears up to what she has to say with Rabbits and Lobsters

Collaborative Project:
nothing to do with fiddy - just that you get 50 cent for being interviewed, pure, simple, delightful

Happy pictures:
sculptures on the tip of your pencil

Need a new poster?
if you're after the periodic table of sex or a smoking Bob Marley for your uni room this isn't the site for you

Current affairs:
using old stuff to make new stuff

Music maker:
Celebrate 25 years of the Mario and Luigi

Digital stuff:
Turn your phone into an SLR

Bristol’s best bit:
On at the tobacco factory tonight, tomorrow and Wednesday is A Western - you’ll see a cowboy hat, a bottle of ketchup and a rusty two wheeled steed and wonder just how they did it.  Worth a watch without a doubt while it lasts.

The closest thing to Shakespeare:
This short video was produced to promote public radio in NYC - not quite Shakespeare but it’s pretty close

Bored of Vice? Here’s something else:
Not as lumbering, not as old, not as obvious


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