Saturday, 7 August 2010

Generative Art

This post has been unashamedly,  lazily reproduced from a post for a different blog but hopefully it might be of interest to y'all...

I like digital art for reasons that I’ve mentioned previously in a post I wrote about the Decode exhibition at the V&A back in January.  The art on display there was split nicely into three themes: Code / Interactivity / Network.  I think in the long term Network digital art will prevail because it has the ability to provide timely comment on what we’re up to in the digital space.  But Interactivity is undoubtedly the most fun (as close as you can get over the age of twelve to a trip to the science museum) and Code is the aesthetically pleasing option.

This Code art from Keith Peters is intensely intricate and somewhat a visual jamboree:


Cube Farm Cube

And for more, click here.


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