Sunday, 19 January 2014

Top Tips for Aspiring Illustrators

January can be a tough month to get your creativity in gear following the exhausting and dreaded exam season. Martha Ford, illustrator behind our upcoming issue's cover, shares with us her top tips that will hopefully inspire you to dust off your sketchbook, pick up a pencil and get drawing! You can have a look at more of Martha's work here.

 The 'Lost and Found' issue will be released in the last week of January - so keep posted via Facebook to find out how you can get your copy!

1.   Get your work out there. Have some sort of online presence: a blog, a website, a Facebook page. 

2. Go to exhibitions - especially private views, as those are really great places to meet people from the industry, see some amazing work and sometimes speak to the artist themselves.

3.  Get involved with any local creative groups or collectives. It can get a bit lonely sometimes and it is always good to use other creative people to bounce ideas off of. On top of that, quite a few opportunities come through people you know.

4. If you get really stuck (I get massive creative blocks sometimes) - take a break! I cannot stress that enough (although I should probably take my own advice more). Watch a film or documentary, go see friends, read a book, go to the library and browse, go for a big walk and take some photos; just do something that will give you some new material and inspiration.

5.   Even when you do start getting jobs etc, you can always improve and learn more. You should always be looking for new inspiration and creating and pushing your work in different directions. And there will always be people out there who are better than you. Enjoy their work, move on and improve your own.

6.  I would also suggest to anyone who would like to get into illustration to try and create one or two cohesive and personal styles. It makes it easier to market yourself and your work to agents, clients and shops. But never force a style, be sincere in your work otherwise you won’t ever be satisfied with it.

7. Keep going! Be persistent as it takes a while until you feel like you are moving anywhere. Practice, create, promote and stay positive.

All images courtesy of Martha Ford


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