Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Great Art in Ugly Rooms

I recently discovered this inexplicable, yet thoroughly entertaining tumblr site called 'Great Art in Ugly Rooms' - http://greatartinuglyrooms.tumblr.com. You can suggest an artist and a location and voila, the mocked-up picture (of the picture) will appear. I think this concept is absolutely fascinating, challenging the way we think about viewing environments, and considering whether the 'surroundings' that frame (haha, what a pun) a painting impact negatively or positively on our reception of it. Would the Mona Lisa be so revered and acclaimed if it hung in a Bristol squat? Would a 'Picasso' lose any of its charm when displayed in a port-a-loo. Here's a few examples of amazing art and installations transposed into 'ugly' environments. Are they the better for this transplantation? You decide.

Ps. Note the amazing photoshop skills!

Jeff Koons in a kitchen.

Henri Matisse in a men's toilet. 
Lucian Freud in an empty room.

George Bellows in a living room.

Normal Rockwell in a conference room.

Richard Prince in a hospital cubicle. 

Alberto Giacometti in a cabin.

(My all-time favourite photographer) Nan Goldin in a lovely green room. 
Edouard Manet by a jacuzzi. 
Mark Rothko in a pretty pink bedroom. 
Grant Wood in a mirrored room.
Our very own Banksy in a purple bedroom.

Vincent Van Gogh in a playbarn.
Lastly, my personal favourite, Damien Hirst's formaldehyde sheep in a child's nursery.

Also, check out the twin site, 'Great Video in Ugly Rooms' - http://greatvideoinuglyrooms.tumblr.com


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