Friday, 24 May 2013


Want to stay creative over the summer but not sure where to start?
After reading this article: I've been inspired to start my own journal, and with the large amount of free time that comes with finishing exams I'm looking forward to being able to draw just for the fun of it again.

Some ideas to get you started:
  • Scour charity shops for old books, postcards, magazine and maps. The books can be turned into interesting sketchbooks (paint over the print with white paint, leave to dry then draw as if it were a blank page), whilst magazine and maps can be used for collages.
  • Try new materials and techniques - ink, calligraphy pens, mono printing, lino cuts etc...
  • Draw: the view outside your window, a plant at different stages of its growth, something inspired by a book you've read...
  • Write down: your dreams, favourite poems, overheard conversations...
  • Use different papers and textures e.g: brown paper, tracing paper.
  • Look at other people's sketchbooks on Pinterest.

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