Saturday, 29 October 2011

World of Woolcraft

You might already have spotted a few around town...

Knitiffi, Podnit or even Stitch'n'Ting: collectives of knit artists are taking over the streets of Bristol.
 Harnessing the power of yarn with their bare hands, they have got one mission: making the world a brighter, softer and happier place!

      These serial knitters breathe life into inanimate objects of our daily urban environment: 
from lamp posts and benches to trees, hoping to smooth the often harsh edges surrounding us, and to simply make us smile.

Their latest extravagance? Using knitting patterns to cover a 20 feet boat in colourful wollen design for a maiden voyage from Saltford to Bristol Harbourside!

The Good Ship Knit was moored outside the Arnolfini during three days, attracting curious passers-by with its eccentric apparence.

A less hazardous type of global warming.


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