Friday, 23 September 2011

Do you have plans...

If you're wondering what you should do tonight, or even if you already have plans, drop it all and watch The Dekalog.

In case you haven't heard of this wonderful programme, I'll give you a brief description of what it's about. It's a 10 part Polish TV mini-series (perhaps why you haven't heard of it before). Each episode is based around one of the ten commandments & is set in a communist tower-block. Slow and melancholic, yet engaging and beautiful, it really makes you remember that big budgets and flashy effects aren't needed to engage the viewer. But if my recommendations aren't enough for you then Stanley Kubrick's should. He described it as the only masterpiece he could name in his lifetime. So, yeah... watch it!

I've attached a short clip from good old youtube from the second part, where one of the characters life hangs in the balance, just to give an example of how fantastic the imagery is. You should be able to find the whole thing on youtube. Enjoy!


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