Saturday, 8 January 2011

SEE: John Pawson Plain Space at Design Museum

"The state of minimum is not one of austerity nor deprivation. 
It is clarity of space." - John Pawson

The father of super-stripped back architectural minimalism, John Pawson's work breathes light and vitality in a month bloated with post-Christmas flatulence. Set inside the modest white cube neatly labelled 'Design Museum' (a short walk from the tube across Tower Bridge, where tourist-wielded DSLR lenses must be dodged like bullets in the Matrix), this exhibition covers a half-century of his projects ranging from Cistertian Monestaries to LA homes. All share, however, in the refreshing provision of a neo-spiritualist philosophy that is too often lost to the curvy pluralism of postmodern architecture. In an age dominated by the zany creations of Zaha Hadid that strive to outdo life's own complications by further confusing them, Pawson instead composes a series of quiet retreats "that offer a sense of refuge and order in a complex world". Step inside if you need a reminder that, under the ever-heavy cloud of ridiculous consumerism in today's ecological climate, less really is more.

Students £6, includes entry to 'Drawing Fashion', until 6 March.


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